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Jungle Lion
January 20, 2010, 12:16 am
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This lion is the cat of my dreams:

It’s an original pattern, to see the pattern click  here.

What do you guys think? Suggestions for a new and improved lion? What animal (or vegetable, or mineral) should I make next?

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have you made a zebra yet?

Comment by khalid

Whoa! That is a great idea!

Comment by hotoffthesheep

Zebra’s good…or a giraffe? Even a tiger to keep your lion company?

Comment by Paul Wilson

Love it! A whole crochet cat menagerie :)

Comment by hotoffthesheep

Pants! The next one needs pants! Or at least shorts…

Comment by Cynthia

It’s so hard to know what to wear on social occasions. Unfortunately the lion has committed the neglected-to-put-pants-on rookie mistake. If only we could have stopped him…

Comment by hotoffthesheep

I like the idea of an African theme – giraffe, zebra, elephant, hippo, etc. But I also really like Mice (totally different concept) :).

Comment by Carmen

Ooh! I love the idea of a whole bunch of crochet mice, all doing different mouse things. Thanks! :)

Comment by hotoffthesheep

He is so darn cute! This past week I’ve gotten into crocheting stuffed animals. Tonight I finished making an elephant. I’m going to start making this guy tomorrow! Do you want me to e-mail you a picture when I’ve finished?

Comment by Annarose

Ooh yes please! If you’re on Ravelry maybe you could post one there? The link on Ravelry is

Have fun with the lion!

Comment by hotoffthesheep

So far I have his head, arms, and body made. In the morning I’m going to make the rest of him. He’s so cute so far!

Comment by Annarose

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